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My Story

Hi! I’m Erin; mother, designer, silversmith. I hand make modern bespoke jewellery on our family farm over here on the beautiful Eyre Peninsula.

I love what I do; it’s a celebration of individuality and fine crafts(wo)manship.

I began my creative journey as a graphic designer which evolved into creating jewellery featuring laser cut timber and acrylic. I longed for more freedom and creative expression in my work, leading me to the art of silver smithing.

My creations are handcrafted sterling silver and they are one of a kind. Each piece is unique with a story all of its own – just like the woman who wears it.

I am often asked about the name noble frank. Noble is my maiden name, and Frank pays homage to my middle name Francis; I think the meaning behind the two words captures noble frank perfectly.

noble / impressive, imposing in appearance

frank / unrestrained, free, bold, uninhibited

Erin x